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Setting the gold standard

DMCC serves the entire gold value chain, from research and refining to trading and investing. Until a decade or so ago, Dubai’s nickname as the City of Gold was due to its historic Gold Souk. But since DMCC began investing in world-class infrastructure and services, the volume of gold traded in Dubai has been rising. It now accounts for around 25% of global trade, most of it within our Free Zone.

No other gold centre in the world offers such a complementary industry cluster effect. Innovations include: the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), DMCC Tradeflow, a trade finance product; regional gold options trading; a Shariah-compliant hedge fund product; and the Dubai Good Delivery Standard, the only international standard for 1kg gold bars of .995 purity.

DMCC Vault

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most innovative infrastructure for our members in the gold and precious metals sector, the DMCC Vault provides safe, secure vaulting facilities that you can trust implicitly.

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UAE Bullion Coins

Following the success of DMCC’s “Visions of Dubai” gold coins, DMCC launched the ‘UAE Bullion Coins’, in April 2012 to celebrate the UAE’s achievements as a major gold trading hub. The UAE Bullion Coins build on Dubai’s reputation as the ‘City of Gold’ and support the growth and sustainability of the gold industry in the UAE.

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Your trusted team

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Responsible sourcing

In line with our commitment to ensure that gold traded in DMCC is responsibly sourced, we continuously look to adopt the latest international standards in risk-based due diligence and responsible supply chain management.

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Table 1.1. Import of Gold

Volume in metric tons and values in USD (billions)

Year Volume Value
2012 937 45.2
2013 1,103 46.2
2014 959 35.9
2015 794 27.2
2016 941 34.1
2017 934 34.1
2018 1,157 41.4
2019 1,106 42.8

Source: Dubai Customs 
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Table 1.2 Export of Gold

Volume in metric tons and values in USD (billions)

Year Volume Value
2012 700 39.6
2013 548 25.6
2014 383 16.2
2015 545 20.3
2016 571 23.1
2017 581 22.7
2018 698 26.3
2019 649 26.9

Source: Dubai Customs 
The data has not been validated