Coffee goes global

Developing major new supply chains from Dubai

The Middle East’s love of coffee has long been central to its history and culture of warm hospitality. Today, DMCC is driving a major initiative to position Dubai at the heart of the world’s leading coffee supply chains. Building on the region’s historic trade links, we have launched a series of ambitious developments to expand Dubai’s resources, expertise and influence in the world of coffee.

DMCC Coffee Centre
Our state-of-the-art DMCC Coffee Centre offers world-class infrastructure and services for green bean storage, processing and delivery of coffee to precise specifications. Bringing a fully dedicated, temperature controlled coffee storage to the Middle East region for the first time, will benefit a wide range of stakeholders including coffee farmers, exporters, traders, roasters and retailers.

Creating new trade routes
By connecting growers and exporters with global markets, the DMCC Coffee Centre creates infinite new trading opportunities. In 2016, for example, DMCC signed a major agreement with Yunnan State Farms - which produces 90% of all coffee grown in China – and its trading partner Mega Capital Halal Group. Enabling the trade and processing of green coffee in Dubai is pivotal to the operation, opening a major new trade route to bring China’s coffee to the world.

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