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Attracting a diverse range of companies from around the world, we pride ourselves in delivering high performance and nurturing a richly interconnected Free Zone where your business can take root, grow and continue to thrive. Here some of our members explain why the Free Zone works so well for them.


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The advantage of being in DMCC is that it, offers you a massive community. They treat everyone like a family, so it was just an easy step to create our vault here.

Vikram Jethwani, Founder, 818 vault

Dubai really is the regional business hub, so DMCC was the natural fit when we started to look at new homes.

Cara Nazari, Managing Director, AmCham Dubai

For us, DMCC is known for making things happen, and this is what we`re all about. The reason why we are in DMCC is that conversations became actions. We are partners in getting things done.

Louis Lebbos, Co-founder, Astrolabs

We wouldn`t be in the place that we are without robust infrastructure and system around. DMCC provided a co-working place that was perfect for us.

Richard Fitzgerald, Managing Director and Founder, Augustus

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