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VAT Update Seminar

About the event

How can the new VAT Clarifications and Guides impact your business? What challenges are up ahead and how can you adapt?

Since the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) issued guides, clarifications and updates to help businesses understand their tax obligations. As a DMCC member company, we want to ensure you get the information and knowledge required to comprehend the impact of these guides and take the necessary steps to run your business smoothly.


  • Impact of New Clarifications and Guides issued by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)
  • VAT common issues - identified
  • VAT audit – issues, challenges and preparations

Event details


Almas Conference Centre, Almas Tower


8:30am - 12:00pm, 15 Mar 2020

Additional Information


  • Mr. Nilesh Ashar (Partner) - WTS Dhruva Consultants
  • Mr. Nimish Goel (Partner) - WTS Dhruva Consultants
  • Mr. Akshaya Khandooja (Principal) - WTS Dhruva Consultants

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