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VAT Round-table Discussion

About the event

The VAT Round-table Discussion was organised by DMCC on 16-17 July 2017. This workshop was facilitated by KPMG, DMCC's VAT advisors.

This highly interactive session was attended by fellow industry experts and business leaders and was designed to:

  • provide a brief overview of the GCC VAT Framework Agreement and the UAE VAT law;
  • discuss the major implications for DMCC members;
  • understand the core VAT-related industry issues faced by DMCC member companies; and
  • set the focus areas for the next VAT awareness session (which will be scheduled after the VAT law is announced).

This workshop was designed to only provide generic support to DMCC member companies.


Event details


Kinsale Meeting Room, Bonnington Hotel, Jumeirah Lakes Towers


10:00 am, 16 Jul 2017