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Risk Management Workshop

About the event

DMCC is pleased to introduce an exclusive Risk Management training course in collaboration with Global Compliance DMCC.

The full-day course introduced the concept of risk management, and how to assess and control risk in a way that enables the company to achieve its objectives. It creates an awareness and understanding of how basic risk management principles can be implemented in any organisation to improve decision-making and build sustainability.

See the topics that covered in the workshop:

  • Gain a familiarity with the main concepts of risk management and its importance for the business, organisation or systems.
  • Understanding the risk management framework including identification, analysis and evaluation.
  • Understanding:
    • Different methodologies for risk treatment. 
    • Management of Risk Controls.
    • Risk reporting.
    • Detecting, evaluating and treating residual risks.
  • Understanding how to develop, implement and monitor mitigating controls.
  • Gain an overall understanding of the concepts of risk management techniques in a non-quantitative framework. 
  • Gain an overall understanding of the concepts of risk management techniques in a quantitative framework. 
  • Understand how governance fits into the concept of risk management. 
  • Understand the concepts of risk and return.
  • Gain a familiarity with the financial instruments used in risk management.
  • Understand the concepts of hedging.
  • Understand the concepts of asset-liability management.
  • Understand the concepts of market risk management.
  • Understand the concepts of credit risk management.
  • Understand the concepts of operational risk management.
  • Understand how performance can be measured.
  • Understand the concept of enterprise risk management.
  • Understand industry standards and best practices of risk management.

All delegates who attend the session will be provided with a certificate of attendance and participation.

Event details


Almas Conference Centre, Ground Floor, Almas Tower, JLT


8:30am - 4:00pm, 03 Sep 2018


DMCC Members Cost: AED 525 (inclusive of VAT) per delegate.
Non-DMCC Members Cost: AED 788 (inclusive of VAT) per delegate.

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Hassan Nasser is currently Managing Director of Global Compliance DMCC. The company is providing consultation, outsourcing and training in the above-mentioned topics. Previously, he joined Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCCA) in 2006 as Director of Compliance and leading the risk management function. He was instrumental in establishing the compliance and risk management frameworks with all its divisions (due diligence, monitoring, assurance, misconduct investigations, etc.). Before joining DMCCA he assumed different positions in the banking sector ranging from General Manager Banking Operations, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer with a career that spans within thirty years.

Hassan Nasser has provided lectures and training for DMCCA staff, members and government agencies, and through esteemed institutions such as different banking institutes in the region, and renowned international training firms.

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