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Past event summary

Energy Risk Management & Hedging Workshop

About the event

DMCC Energy Club hosted the Energy Risk Management & Hedging Workshop conducted by training experts from Thomson Reuters.

The event was organised in collaboration with CMS, EPC, Thomson Reuters and DGCX.


The event covered the following:

Risk Management

  • Different actors, different type of risk
    • Price
    • Basis
    • Credit
    • Settlement & pre-settlement
    • Replacement & volumetric
    • Risk inherent to hedging
      • Is there a counterparty risk?
      • Liquidity risk: exogenous & endogenous
    • Other types of risk



  • Forward & Futures
  • Swaps
  • Options
    • Difference between historical and implied volatility
    • Different type of strategies
  • Case Study: How to Hedge Jet Fuel


Who attended:

Risk managers, and individuals involved in trading, analysis and energy supply chain.

Event details


Almas Conference Centre


09:00am - 11:30am, 03 May 2018


AED 158 including VAT

Registration starts at 8:30
Free for Energy Club members + DMCC Energy companies only

Additional Information


0830 - 0900


0900 - 1130

Training workshop


Training Expert:
Mr. Arnaud Boucard, Principal Specialist, C&E, Thomson Reuters

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