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Past event summary

Energy Club Webinar: Fuel Oil - Road to 2020 and Beyond

About the event

This exclusive webinar is organised in collaboration with Refinitiv in partnership with DMCC Energy Club partners CMS, EPC and DGCX.


The webinar discussed the following topics:

  • The current state of the fuel oil market
  • Overview of global bunker demand
  • Impact of IMO 2020 on the fuel oil market
  • The adoption rate of Scrubbers and its effect on the fuel oil market
  • Fuel oil market post-2020
  • Expected shift in crude slate to meet the new fuel oil demand


Who attended:

  • Energy Club Members
  • Commodities Sector

Event details


Online. Upon registration, you will receive details on how to join the Webinar


3:00pm - 4:00pm, 16 Dec 2018

Additional Information


1500 - 1505

Intro by DMCC
Yasmine Effat

1505 - 1510

Intro by Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters
Zoe Lamb

1510 - 1540

Fuel Oil - Road to 2020 and Beyond Presentation
Capt. Ranjith Raja

1540 - 1600



Capt. Ranjith Raja, Market Analyst, Energy, CO Content Ops & Managed Services, Refinitiv

Capt. Ranjith is a Senior Analyst with Refinitiv Oil Research, where he works with the Middle East and North African oil market, with a primary focus on the Oil flows and shipping data. Prior to Thomson Reuters, he was sailing as a Merchant Navy officer for 14 years with leading Tanker owners on their Oil, Chemical and Gas tanker fleet, last sailing as a Captain for Oil Tankers. Post sailing, he was managing commercial operations for the Oil Tanker fleet in West Africa.

Capt. Ranjith is a certified Master Mariner and has done his Bachelors in Nautical Technology followed by an MBA from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.