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Dubai Food Trade Finance Forum

About the event

Financing the trade of food was key on the commodities agenda today as DMCC, the authority on trade, enterprise and commodities in Dubai, launched its inaugural Dubai Food Trade Finance Forum.

Aimed at addressing key issues facing the industry, and establishing solutions to move it forward, the forum brought together stakeholders from the banking and food trade communities and facilitated dialogue. Discussions focused on stimulating SME lending within the food commodities market and exploring new methods in the current credit environment.

The event was developed in close collaboration with the Dubai Food Trade Advisory Group which comprises of key representatives from multinational trading firms, SME trading companies, financiers, and logistics operators.


  • An up-to-the-minute understanding of the issues facing food traders, banks, and the credit environment
  • Immediate solutions that trading companies and banks can implement to create trust and enable lending
  • Networking and confidence building

Event details


Almas Conference Centre


10am - 4pm, 01 Feb 2016