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5 Key Areas to Drive Business Productivity and Profitability

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Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or an experienced company executive, leading an organisation is challenging. From external factors such as tough market conditions and the rapid growth of competition to internal issues such as employee turnover and outdated processes – the demands on business leaders can be overwhelming.

The Kaizen Business Fundamentals workshop is a deep dive into the five key areas of the Kaizen System that drive consistent, sustainable, measurable growth:

  • Leadership & Culture
    Strong leadership, established culture. Leadership at every level.
  • Technology & Innovation
    A technology-powered company, back-end automated, digital components to products/services. Culture of Innovation established.
  • Finance & Growth
    Cash and revenue management. Actionable, accurate finances. Established marketing and sales processes.
  • Operations & Scale
    Delivery executed perfectly every time. Preparedness for rapid growth.
  • People & Performance
    Systemised people development, attraction and retention. Talent nurtured, performance enhanced. No dead weight.

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Online. Upon registration, you will receive details on how to join the webinar.


11:00am - 12:30pm, 21 Jul 2020

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Serial entrepreneur, award-winning business strategy coach, and international speaker, Murtaza Manji is the co-founder of Kaizen Consulting Group, which he set up in the UK in 2011 before expanding to the UAE a year later. Since then, the company has evolved significantly with ambitious plans to expand further. His vision is to positively impact the countries the Group operates in by supporting clients to create lasting values and legacies.

Murtaza comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and successfully oversees fifteen family businesses in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, consulting, training, retail, and food and beverage as well as having established three companies of his own. This, combined with his Master’s in Business Management from Middlesex University in the United Kingdom, has provided a solid foundation for his passion to help mentor and guide upcoming and established organisations.

A life-long learner, Murtaza developed the Kaizen System which combines the best and most effective coaching principles from around the world. Under his leadership, Kaizen Consulting Group has worked with thousands of businesses such as Landmark Group, RSA Logistics, Al Naboodah, Aerosoft, and Unique Group. The Kaizen System has allowed them to align their vision and goals to achieve incredible results, with many clients registering sustainable, double-digit growth.

A renowned and respected speaker, Murtaza has delivered keynotes at events such as the Big 5 Construction Conference in the UAE and KSA, Expo2020 Innovation Summit, World SME Summit, and Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival.

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