Dubai Diamond Exchange 

Welcome to the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), the region’s only diamond and coloured stones trading platform, and home to some of the world’s most renowned jewellery manufacturers, retailers and traders. The DDE is a DMCC platform and Dubai Government initiative which brings the Middle East diamond and coloured stones markets together. Located in the iconic Almas Tower, home to over 600 regional and international precious gems companies, the exchange is at the heart of the region’s diamond trade.

As a trade regulator and market maker for diamond and coloured stones businesses, the DDE is the only bourse in the Middle East affiliated with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). The DDE brings together several large scale initiatives that complement industry requirements, such as rough and polished diamond tenders and trade benefits for pearls and coloured stones. We also provide members with a complete serviced environment for everyone in the precious gems market.

The current DDE Board of Director's mandate ended on April 15 2016. The composition of the new Board will  be announced ‎shortly.

Download the DDE by-laws here

DDE membership 

DDE membership serves as a mark of distinction, opening doors and allowing access to those active in the diamond trade. The DDE ensures its members have the safety of trading only with reputable companies who adhere to its compliance guidelines and are bound by a strict code of good business practices and ethics. 

The DDE Membership is acquired automatically for all DMCC licensed members that are trading in jewellery, pearls & precious stones; manufacturing precious jewellery and cutting & polishing precious stones.

Under the DDE umbrella, DMCC precious stones traders and service providers will come together under one globally accepted framework for governance and trade practices. As a DDE member, your company can expect greater trust and access to new markets.  DMCC companies will automatically be provided a DDE membership under the name of the company manager. The DDE membership will be linked to the company’s licensing period, while no additional documentation will be required. DMCC members will be charged a significantly discounted fee of AED 510 annually per member.

To become a DDE Member, all Non-DMCC registered Licensees, please

Direct access to Almas Tower

Members gain direct access to one of the world’s top diamond hubs through secured entry points. An access card for Almas Tower and the exchange on level 2 is provided. This includes entry to a comprehensive choice of leading diamond companies, industry services and facilitators.


Communications & networking

Priority notifications of all announcements regarding auctions, tenders and events are sent to all members, keeping you up to date with industry news and trends. Regular networking opportunities, including trade events and coffee clubs ensure members have the chance to interact with industry leaders and peers. The DDE also supports various international events and conferences, such as theDubai Diamond Conferencewhich is held every two years.


Arbitration & mediation

The DDE assists with international dispute settlement, helping members find solutions. As a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, the DDE has the authority to arbitrate and resolve disputes for members with verdicts withheld in other WFDB affiliated bourses.


DDE facilities

The DDE has exceptional facilities, providing fully equipped trading halls for its members and a complete service environment for everyone in the diamond pipeline – from grading to shipping and trading to networking. Private viewing rooms with safes and offices are available to members to ensure complete privacy.

One stop shop

The DDE, in addition to providing a full range of services to support members in their daily transactions, also houses all ancillary service providers related to the diamond industry. A dedicated team is located in the exchange and committed to assisting exchange members and their guests.

- Networking and Trade Lounge
- Boiling and polishing
- Secure transportation
- Kimberly Process Office
- Insurance and financing partners
- Gemological services and education


Tenders & auctions

In an industry based on knowing where to find the right goods from the seller to the buyer and at a suitable price, the DDE’s tender and auction services play an important role in the Dubai diamond trade. The DDE has the optimal infrastructure to host diamond tenders, using state of the art facilities, equipment and personnel to ensure secure, transparent tenders for the benefit of the seller and buyer.

To receive information and participate in the DDE's tenders and auctions, please


Secure vaulting

The DDE vault combines the advantages of a unique location with the highest global security standards for short and long term storage of precious gems and other valuable assets.

With high-tech security and ultimate convenience, the diamond vault is the perfect companion for diamantaires in Dubai. Housed within the DDE floor, the diamond vault has been designed with accessibility and security in mind. Traders can deposit or withdraw goods using a fully automated robotic vault in complete privacy and comfort.

To learn about and gain access to our secure deposit boxes, please