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Driving the National
Sustainability Agenda

Commitment to sustainable development is at the heart of the United Arab Emirates vision for its future

As a Government of Dubai Authority, DMCC is the world’s most interconnected free zone and the leading trade hub for commodities, proud to sustain and grow Dubai’s position as the place to be for global trade.

We understand that our role in enabling trade influences economies which puts us in a position to safeguard communities and the local environment. The multidimensional nature of DMCC's influence provides a unique opportunity to champion responsible business and positive impact.

Leadership Statement

The way we conduct our business today will have an impact on the world we live in tomorrow. As a government authority, and the world’s leading free zone, we have long recognised this and placed sustainability at the core of our strategy. We have a responsibility to support the UAE and Dubai’s economic diversification agenda while ensuring we conduct our business in a sustainable way for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Strategy

Our strategy development is based on a four-phased approach launching with materiality assessment to establish the foundation in alignment with stakeholders’ needs, followed by an internal review, peer and gap analysis conducted to identify our future objectives and areas of improvement. Our purpose, values and goal serve as a basis for the strategy that is influenced by six key factors:

The UAE vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021 serve as a blueprint for our actions.

We commit to a green atmosphere and green operations to meet customer demands and make the Master Community an eco-friendly environment through the Smart and Sustainable District Strategy.

We prioritise SDGs based on where we believe we can have the most significant impact, given our business strengths and influence.

We commit to measure what matters so that we use the data to guide our actions, develop policies and communicate accurately.

We acknowledge that there are areas in which we may not be able to have a direct impact. However, we can encourage stakeholders within our ecosystem that do have influence.

We believe open communications and reporting reinforces integrity. As a committed member of the UNGC, we apply transparency practices across our entire organisation.


To consolidate Dubai’s position as the
centre of global trade


Innovation and interconnection
guided by our 5C sustainability principles


To become the indispensable partner
and preferred destination for progressive businesses

5C Sustainability Framework

Developed with our stakeholders, the sustainability framework reflects the alignment between social and environmental impact and business purpose. The framework is based on three pillars underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



To share a diverse set of stakeholders to grow the network and share best sustainable business practices.



Action, build capacity, and advocate for sustainable business practices using the position of the globally recognised free zone.



Through annual reporting on sustainability practices to drive thought leadership in the industry.



By educating internal and external stakeholders to build knowledge around sustainable business practices.



By dedicating 0.5% of the company’s net profit to global projects chosen in line with specific SDGs.

Optimise organisational policies and procedures
- Procurement Practices
- Human Rights
- Training and development
- Wellbeing
- Gender Equality
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Emiratisation
- Governance
- Customer excellence
- Economic performance

Create a resilient foundation for positive impact
- Customer privacy
- Data protection & security
- Responsible Sourcing
- Innovation
- Digitalisation
- Regulatory compliance

Track and improve impact locally
- Infrastructure
- Energy
- Water
- Waste management
- Green buildings
- Health & safety
- Community

Gender Equality

DMCC makes an impact through its commitment to the Women Empowerment Principles and identifies equality as a primary pillar for its social impact programme.


DMCC makes an impact through escalating its community and holding suppliers to a higher standard.


DMCC makes an impact by enhancing its community infrastructure and supporting innovation and education in African countries.


DMCC makes an impact by improving its community as a safe and more sustainable district with a focus on smart mobility.


DMCC makes an impact by reducing waste in JLT and integrating responsible procurement practices.


DMCC makes an impact by setting baselines, measuring its footprint and identifying areas of improvement through strategic partnerships.


DMCC makes an impact by advancing its regulatory compliance and legal functions with a zero tolerance policy to corruption


DMCC makes an impact by leveraging its convening ability as a government authority, a free zone, and a Master Developer for good.

Materiality Assessment

In 2019, we increased stakeholder engagement, surveys, face-to-face interviews, and interactive workshops.

Materiality assessments help organisations to prioritise sustainability topics to create maximum impact. We conducted our second materiality assessment exercise, with the results synthesised in a matrix, highlighting the importance of each topic in descending order to inform organisation’s strategy.

Value Chain

We recognise that every dimension of our value chain has potentially negative and positive impacts. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to share the complexity of DMCC’s ecosystem concerning its stakeholders.

Sustainable City

Our environmental conservation efforts are directly in line with the Dubai Plan 2021 that prioritises the city’s resources, including sustainable use of energy, green infrastructure, and providing residents with a clean and healthy environment.

In 2019 we focused on tracking and improving our local impact to create a more sustainable community by:

Improving energy and water management and tracking systems

Improving energy and water management and tracking systems

We took a holistic approach to our environmental impact and re-evaluating our communities’ waste management, energy and water tracking systems. This led to a clear understanding of where we stand, establishing a baseline for future improvement.

Investing in Green Buildings

Investing in Green Buildings

We upgraded our green property and developments to the next level by retrofitting its capabilities by adding electric car charging stations and conducting audits to ensure new projects followed world class practices.

Driving action towards the Smart & Sustainable District Strategy

Driving action towards the Smart & Sustainable District Strategy

We harnessed the power of partnerships to drive a Smart & Sustainable District strategy through implementing digital solutions in the community to increase mobility access and green energy use.

Responsible Business Ecosystem

We are aware of our sphere of influence, and the impact we have on the lives and livelihoods of stakeholders. Therefore, we uphold the highest standards of ethical management to create a resilient foundation for positive impact. Our foundation is based on our task force members, internal policies, and guidelines. We continuously ensure our standards are improved and aligned with legal updates, and international governing bodies. We take care of our ecosystem through knowledge sharing, periodic inspections, and open communication.

DMCC’s key achievements in 2019 towards creating a safe and compliant business environment included:

Effective compliance is intrinsic to our anticorruption efforts in line with our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact. Our compliance efforts extend to member companies. We assess both internal business risks and identify mitigation factors that can reduce them.

DMCC constantly adopts innovative technology tools to enhance internal security and safety of our customer’s data in line with GDPR.

We understand that our responsibility to protect these fundamental rights goes beyond our operations and that we must also look at our supply chain. We acknowledge the importance and impact of our internal procurement. Additionally, as facilitators of trade, our customers and partners look to us for supply chain best practices and guidelines.

Operational Excellence

Our governance structure is designed to achieve optimal organisational policies and procedures to create an environment where our employees and customers can thrive. Our relationship with stakeholders is a priority, and we recognise that their success leads to ours.
We prioritise customer service, the development and well-being of people, diversity and inclusion, and economic prosperity. Improving DMCC’s operations results in the highest quality of service for our stakeholders.

Our customers come first and hence we put emphasis on our operational excellence to ensure the customer is protected and interactions are seamless. We do this by providing world-class customer service, products and digital tools for managing businesses of our members.

We uphold the highest standard of ethical management. We keep our governance structure, rules and guidelines updated. Updating our governance ensures there is a supportive framework behind our work. An SDG steering committee governs the development and implementation of sustainability strategy.

We support the UAE’s commitment to health and wellbeing under its National Program with a plethora of activities offered to employees, residents and customers. We encourage the constant development of our people, and therefore, we offer a variety of learning opportunities and become more innovative with our approach every year.

Social Impact

We follow the UAE’s lead to be a generous and responsible global citizen. The UAE has committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and has set up governance structures to facilitate a sustainable trajectory. We followed the best practice by creating a sustainability board. In 2019 we reached a milestone when we decided to allocate 0.5% of the company's annual net profit towards social impact. We have also formalised our impact through the creation of the Social Impact Policy, assuring community investment goals are clear and focus on:

Innovation &
Cities &
& Production