Enabling Efficient and Transparent Trade

DMCC Tradeflow is a dedicated online platform for registering possession and ownership of commodities stored in UAE-based storage facilities. It is committed to stimulating liquidity and providing the Islamic finance industry with the required legal and trade infrastructure, commodity supply and transparency that supports Dubai’s positioning as the global centre for the Islamic Economy. 

Established in 2004 as a warehouse receipt system, DMCC Tradeflow has evolved to regulating and documenting commodity trading operations in the UAE as part of the Dubai Government. See ourDMCC Tradeflow brochurefor further information.

Commodity Murabaha

In order to facilitate Islamic liquidity management and financing by Islamic banks, DMCC Tradeflow offers its members a transparent and standardised environment for the trade of UAE-based commodities.

This fully electronic web-based platform provides industry participants with access to the physical commodities and the ability to undertake multicommodity and multi-currency trades from all around the world. 


Inventory Financing

DMCC Tradeflow provides a comprehensive range of risk management solutions across the commodity inventory financing value chain. It offers a standardised and enforceable legal environment that addresses the specific needs and requirements of the industry.

DMCC Tradeflow offers banks, financiers and suppliers an environment to manage risks that are associated with the financing of players across the commodity value chain.



For every commodity held within a DMCC approved warehouse, the warehouse operator issues a document of title. Each warrant represents a specific item, proving its existence and protecting your rights to ownership — in a transparent and enforceable manner. 

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DMCC Tradeflow Membership is available to stakeholders involved in storage, inspection, finance and commodity trade. To register for membership,click here

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