Comprehensive Capabilities

The DMCC Tea Centre’s remarkable facilities span almost 24,000 square metres and cover the entire value chain of the tea industry, including storage, tea tasting, blending and packaging under one roof, as well as office space for regional and international tea companies. Since the Tea Centre was established in 2005, we have consistently enhanced our value-added offering by adapting both these commercial spaces and capabilities and the terms of use that we provide to the ever developing needs of our members. Our exceptional facilities have helped Dubai grow into the world leader in the re-export of blended teas, and the DMCC Tea Centre’s investment into such infrastructure has been instrumental in opening the market up to new parties and fresh investment.

Tea Packing

The DMCC Tea Centre has facilities and equipment lines for the packing of both bagged and loose teas, depending on the requirements and specifications of the end user. Our temperature-controlled tea bag packaging facility has the capacity to pack a variety of tea bags, including both paper envelopes and service types. Alternately, our loose tea packing facility is able to pack anything from 50 grams to 1 kg of crushed, torn and curled teas, as well as orthodox or leaf tea varieties, while larger packing sizes can also be accommodated to meet specific client requirements.


Blending Services

The DMCC Tea Centre’s blending facilities are one of the reasons that Dubai has been able to develop into a top market for the re-export of mixed-origin teas. In a first for the region, we have a two-tonne drum system for the blending of both CTC and orthodox or leaf teas. To complement this processing capacity offer in-house tea tasting and blending expertise in a centralised tea tasting room to ensure that our members can develop the best product for their customers. We provide both tea tasting equipment and experienced and knowledgeable staff to host tastings.


Commercial Space

The DMCC Tea Centre warehouse facility within the Jebel Ali Free Zone has the capacity to store up to 5,000 metric tonnes of bulk teas at any given time. We provide a free allocation of storage to all of our members and we also offer companies the option to lease space within purpose-built premises. The units vary from approximately 250 square feet to 350 square feet, and provided our  clients with the a flexible solution in handling their varying business requirements, as well the unique clustering benefits of being physically located alongside other industry participants.