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Since the initial establishment of tea plantations in India and Sri Lanka in the early 1900s, Dubai has taken on a role as a significant international gateway for the tea trade, its strategic positioning between tea producers and tea consumers lending the market a natural strength. In 2013, the total trade volume of tea through Dubai increased by 29% to 129 thousand tonnes, and the value increased by 34% to US$ 463 million in comparison with 2012. The UAE is the world’s largest re-exporter of tea with a 60% share of the market. DMCC, in its role as facilitator of trade, has established a range of both infrastructure and market services that enable our end users to capitalise on the flow of tea through Dubai.

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The UAE is the world’s largest re-exporter of tea with a 60 per cent share of the market.

DMCC Tea Centre

Dubai’s strategic geographical location between the world’s major tea-producing and tea-consuming markets has positioned the Emirate as the industry’s international gateway for tea trade.


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