Other Commodities


TheDMCC Pearl Exchange (DPE)an initiative of DMCC, is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the global trade of both natural pearls and cultured pearls.

Agro Commodities

The United Arab Emirates has approximately 200,000 acres of land under cultivation, of which 24% is used to grow vegetables, 30% fruit, 10% feed crops and 36% other uses. With large storage capacity, processing plants and its strategic location, the UAE has become a global trading hub for many agricultural commodities.

Base Metals

The steel industry in the Middle East has witnessed significant growth in recent years, and approximately 50 million tonnes of steel is traded and consumed in the region annually. Internationally, steel is a 1.2 billion tonne industry, with some 400 million tonnes traded every year. The UAE is a key import market of 6 million tonnes per annum. Dubai sits at the crossroads of the world’s two dominant steel trade flows, namely; steel originating in China and proceeding towards the Far East, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe and steel originating in the Black Sea and proceeding to the Middle East, South East Asia.

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