DMCC Tradeflow for your Stock

DMCC Tradeflow provides flexibility and trade finance options for stored stock. Starting in 2012, the DMCC Tradeflow platform has provided our members with a holistic approach to certifying commodities for collateralisation purposes. Warehoused commodity inventory is often viewed as an unproductive resource that costs money in storage and insurance. DMCC Tradeflow can turn these idle resources into assets by registering goods in the form of negotiable electronic warrants issued by the warehouse operator. By providing documents of title for commodities in the form of warehouse receipts, we enable members to both transfer the ownership of assets to another party without the movement of the goods, and to use goods as underlying collateral in order to secure favourable financing for their future operations. The platform further enables the use of commodities as security between Islamic banking institutions, as in the case of the DMCC Tradeflow Shariah-compliant ‘Murabaha’ scheme.


Agro Commodities

DMCC is dedicated to the growth and promotion of Dubai as a global centre for the trade of precious gems and metals, tea and other agro commodities, and industry statistics represent a critical tool in assessing the vitality and prospects of these different sectors. At the DMCC Tea Centre, we liaise with Dubai Customs to ensure the very latest data is available and provides our end users with an accurate high level overview of Dubai’s trade flow.
A list of industry statistics for the trade of various agro commodities through Dubai can be found under our Industry Statistics Section.


News & Insights

Holistic Harvest

As the global emphasis on food security continues to increase, agro commodities occupy a growing strategic role in providing net importers with produce, and supporting net exporters in expanding their global reach. It is our aim to provide a basis for physical trade, and to act as a platform for collective enterprise. In the Gulf region, the standing requirement of significant food imports alongside local production has long provided natural conditions for a strong import and re-export trade in agro commodities. 

Trading products ranging from coffee and cocoa, to soya, sugar and spices, Dubai has established itself as a centralized trading hub between East and West.