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404 Carat Rough Diamond Acquired

May 08 2016

Executive Chairman of DMCC and Chair of the Kimberley Process, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, together with Founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO, Fawaz Gruosi, hosted a press conference to announce de GRISOGONO’s acquisition of the rights of one of the world’s largest and rarest rough diamonds to have ever been discovered.

DMCC’s Almas Tower, purpose built for the diamond industry and one of the most influential diamond trading centres in the world, provides a leading platform for such a significant acquisition to be facilitated for de GRISOGONO.

The astonishing rough diamond is characterised not only by its sheer size, an impressive 404 carats, but uniquely by its colorlessness and flawless clarity, making it the perfect diamond in de GRISOGONO’s pursuit of the most unique and precious stones.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC and Kimberley Process Chair, said:

“Dubai and DMCC has become the global epicenter for the diamond trade and we are delighted to have been part of facilitating the acquisition of one of the world’s largest and rarest diamonds by de GRISOGONO here at Almas - the world’s tallest diamond tower. Not only does this further cement Dubai’s role as a leading diamond trading hub globally, it also highlights how DMCC connects the industry and the producing and consuming countries along the Silk Road.”

The press conference marks a historical moment for de GRISOGONO’s brand development and its journey to increase the brand’s creative freedom.

To procure the rarest stones, de GRISOGONO is going directly to the best sources in the world (places such as Botswana, Congo, Russia, Angola and Brazil) to identify and acquire the best rough gems. The one announced today is a truly unique finding: one of the 30 largest top quality rough diamonds ever found, and the largest ever found in Angola, weighing 404 carats and characterised by its exceptional quality and clarity.

To increase its creative freedom, de GRISOGONO will be taking complete control over the cutting process of these rough stones. Working side by side with the best cutters, Fawaz Gruosi will decide how to best cut this stone, to give life to some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces ever created. Contrary to the traditional cutting process, where traders aim solely at maximizing the size and purity of the end stone, de GRISOGONO will be bringing a jeweler’s perspective into this process, maximizing the beauty of the final jewelry pieces and not just the cut stones.

Founded in 1993, in Geneva, de GRISOGONO rapidly conquered an enviable position in the world of luxury jewelry and watches. The brand’s immediate success has come from its particular approach to luxury, which brings together daring creativity, uncompromising

craftsmanship, and glamorous personality that makes de GRISOGONO what it is today. With this acquisition, de GRISOGONO will be complementing this approach with the direct access to the rarest and best quality stones in existence.

“This diamond marks one of the most important milestones in my career both as a jeweler and a designer. Words cannot express how grateful my team and I are to DMCC for such a unique collaboration”, said Fawaz Gruosi, Founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO.

As the finest craftsmen around the world search for the rarest, purest and most noble material, Fawaz Gruosi too has dedicated his life looking for the most unique stones to create exceptional pieces of art. With this acquisition, de GRISOGONO marks another key milestone in this continuous search.