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Trends and Future Challenges of Freight & Logistics

About the event

Logistics is the beating heart of any global supply chain, always dynamic and always on the move. We are seeing tectonic shifts in the way this function is being delivered through the innovative use of technology across the world. It is creating a demand for new types of skilled professionals who not just understand the systems and processes but the technology that drives it all.

Be it big data or artificial intelligence or the re-skilling of logistics professionals in the region, there is plenty to learn.

This event gave an insight into the topics below followed by a panel discussion with the experts:

  1. The future and overview of the freight and logistics Industry in UAE
  2. The challenges faced by the Industry in terms of technology and innovation.
  3. Skill set required to grow in the industry looking at the future with big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, unmanned operations.
  4. The importance of training, skill development, internship, attracting new talents to the industry.

Event details


Loulou'a, Ritz Carlton Hotel, JBR


9:30 am - 11:30 am, 23 Oct 2017

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