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Past event summary

Meaning and Importance of Business Contracts – Drafting and Enforcement

About the event

DMCC brought an exclusive opportunity to better understand the meaning and interpretation of contracts in the U.A.E.  The session covered the main principles of contracts and their importance.  It provided a clear definition of what constitutes a contract.  It also delved into the purpose of a contract and its interpretation. 

Contractual issues and questions permeate our daily lives, covering a wide range of transactions, from shopping for groceries to buying companies. This session covered the essential contractual provisions to be included in every contract and highlighted steps on how to avoid common pitfalls.  It will also provide understanding on the concept of due diligence in order to secure a sound contract.

The discussion also clarified procedural guidelines while explaining enforcement mechanisms of contracts in the U.A.E.  The session also presented case studies of strong and weak contracts as examples.


What was covered:

  • Relevant contract laws
  • Principles and the meaning of contracts in the U.A.E.
  • Importance of contracts
  • Examples of contracts
  • Provisions to include in contracts
  • Validity of contracts in courts
  • Enforcement of rights and obligations
  • Case studies and lessons learned

What are the benefits?

  • Learn relevant legal framework for contracts
  • Understand most common mistakes and repercussions in execution of contracts
  • Learn how to avoid most pitfalls and to protect your interests
  • Ask questions specific to your matters

Event details


Loulou'a Ballroom, Ritz Carlton, JBR


9:30am - 11:00am, 30 Oct 2017

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Additional Information


Ludmila is the founder and Managing Partner of the Firm, actively managing and practising since 2009.  She is a U.S. qualified attorney, licensed by the State Bar of California.  Ludmila has fifteen years of legal experience, six of which was in the Silicon Valley, plus three years of business experience in the same area.

Prior to moving to Dubai and setting up her practice, Ludmila was Associate General Counsel of a NASDAQ listed company in Silicon Valley, California – Finisar Corporation, a fibre optics company, managing high profile patent litigation and global corporate matters.

Before Finisar, Ludmila practised with DLA Piper in the San Francisco Bay area, specializing in intellectual property litigation and bankruptcy.

Ludmila also interned at Howrey Simon & White and Legal Strategies Group, both in the San Francisco Bay area.