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Made For Trade Live

Made For Trade Live

The fastest route to Dubai and global trade

Made For Trade Live

At DMCC we are passionate about connecting people and markets. Our international roadshow ‘Made for Trade Live’ is designed to do exactly that and will see us visit the UK, China, Germany and India this year.
Looking to expand your business into the global marketplace? Or set up a company in an environment where you maintain 100 per cent ownership of your business?

How it works

We enable our Free Zone members to connect and trade with businesses across Dubai, the UAE and the world by drawing on our resources to help shape and grow key industries, commodities and the future of trade. Our events will help you discover how partnering with DMCC can grow your business in Dubai and beyond.

DMCC Made for Trade. Together.



To watch the videos and for more information on a past DMCC roadshow, click on the venues below.

2020 past events

    |   UKRAINE   |   ITALY   |   TURKEY   |   ANGOLA   |   HONG KONG   |   MALAYSIA   |   ISRAEL  ​​​​​|   RUSSIA   |   SPAIN

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2019 past events

QINGDAO    |    HANGZHOU    |    LONDON (MAY)    |    STOCKHOLM    |    GOTHENBURG    |    LONDON (MARCH)    |    EDINBURGH   |   BARCELONA   |   STUTTGART    |    TRIER    |    KOBLENZ    |     NEW DELHI     |     AHMEDABAD


2018 past events

MUMBAI    |    HYDERABAD    |    WUHAN    |    BARCELONA    |    MADRID    |    BANGALORE     |     LONDON    |    LEEDS
     |     MANCHESTER     |     EDINBURGH


2017 past events

LONDON     |     BIRMINGHAM     |     SHENZHEN     |     NEW DELHI     |     MUMBAI     |     KOLKATA     |     COLOGNE


Previous event speakers 2020

Previous event speakers 2019

Previous event speakers 2018