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Past event summary

DMCC Energy Club - Seminar on Trends and Market Outlook 2016/2017

About the event

DMCC in collaboration with Thomson Reuters organized a Trends and Market Outlook event on 26th October which was attended by over 50 energy professionals. 

Event agenda covered below topics: 
Oil Market Outlook: Where are prices and market fundamentals headed?
From the News Desk: The influence of OPEC
Hear from Reuters News Senior correspondent on the changing role of OPEC in the region and her view on the political relationships between OPEC, its members and its evolving influence in the market.

The US outlook – Oil and Shale gas production and its impact on the markets into 2017
•    American producers reaction to current price levels
•    Which region will be first impacted by lower prices?
•    How has US production impacted the Market this year – Did it perform as expected?
The View from Asia: The partnerships and the competitive conflicts
•    Expansion of Asian E&P’s in the Middle East
•    Importance of partnerships to the Middle East’s trade and development goals
•    Differentiation matters: How engagement policy shapes successful bi-lateral trade
•    Outlook for the incumbent western oil majors 

Briefing: The Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC)
•    What does the contract include?
•    What is its potential impact on the market
•    The challenges with the perception of the contract inside Iran

Event details


Almas Conference Centre, Almas Tower, JLT


8:30am, 26 Oct 2016