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Introducing e-signatures

At DMCC, our vision is to be the most business enabling Free Zone in the world. To do so, we have adopted the latest technology and have launched electronic signatures in employment related services.

What is the change?

Member companies are now able to sign documents electronically. A real time and money saver.


Why are we changing?

DMCC is committed to improving our services for member companies. Signing documents electronically provides:

1) Greater efficiency: members can sign anywhere, anytime

2) Money savings: no more printing, scanning and uploading documents

3) Better security: DMCC has partnered with DocuSign, the #1 e-signature brand


Who is affected by this change?

All DMCC member companies.


How was the change implemented?

DMCC implemented the e-signature development over two phases.

Phase one:

Launch of the HR signatory role and subscription to e-signature:

Every DMCC company is required to appoint an HR signatory. The HR signatory is in charge of electronically signing all employment related documents on behalf of the company, when applying for DMCC services.

The appointment of this role includes the online subscription by the company and DMCC’s activation of the e-signature through a one-time physical identity verification for the appointed individual.

To facilitate the appointment of the HR signatories and subscription to e-signatures, DMCC has:

1. Introduced a new standalone service request ‘Manage KYC & E-sign Subscription’. This is a free of charge multipurpose service request that members can use to:

a) Appoint an HR signatory who can be a shareholder, officeholder or an active employee

b) Revoke the appointment of an existing HR signatory

c) Update the details of the HR signatory

d) Update the annual KYC for existing shareholders and officeholders. DMCC will initiate an annual service request in phase two and send it to all shareholders and officeholders to update their details and subscribe to e-signature

2. Enhanced the following services:

a) New company application: This service request has been modified to enable the appointment of HR signatory and subscription of all shareholders and officeholders to e-signatures at the time of company setup

b) Share transfer service request: This service request now enables newly introduced shareholders to subscribe to e-signatures. Please note, existing shareholders can subscribe to e-signatures and enroll for HR signatory via the ‘Manage KYC & E-sign Subscription’ service request

c) Appoint or change a company's officeholder service request: This service request has been modified to enable the company to appoint an active employee (who is neither an existing shareholder nor officeholder) as an officeholder as well as HR signatory along with the subscription to e-signature. Existing shareholders and officeholders can only enroll for HR signatory or subscribe to e-signature via the ‘Manage KYC & E-sign Subscription’ service request

Member companies can then appoint their HR signatories by following the below simple three step process:

1. Step one: Apply for one of the above mentioned service requests that enable the appointment of the selected HR signatory, where they should provide the HR signatory email address and mobile number to subscribe to electronic signature

2. Step two: Once the service request is submitted, members will visit the DMCC counters to complete a one-time in person identity verification and sign a consent to use e-signature in order to activate their e-signature

3. Step three: Start signing electronically in phase two

Phase two:

Following the appointment of HR signatories, DMCC has launched the following services in phase two to become the first Free Zone to offer e-signatures:

1. Launch of electronic signing

E-signing is now launched for employment related services. HR signatories and employees can electronically sign employment documents through DocuSign platform, which is integrated with the DMCC portal. E-signing covers the following services:

  • New employee residence permit (visa)
  • New employment card (employee on father / husband sponsorship / GCC National)
  • Employment card renewal (employee on father/husband sponsorship / GCC National)
  • Cancellation of employee residence permit (visa)
  • Cancellation of employment card
  • Transfer an employee to DMCC from others
  • Employment contract amendment


2. More flexible employment contracts

DMCC has introduced greater flexibility in the DMCC standard employment contracts by providing more optionality as per the Labour Law. We have started allowing companies to adopt their own employment contracts.

To learn more about e-signature and how it is integrated with the DMCC portal services and how to apply for enhanced employment services, please refer to the following E-signatures FAQs or click on the below additional resources:

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