Why Dubai?

Dubai is at the centre of the world of trade, and DMCC is proud to be at its core. We are home to two of the busiest airports in the world, meaning Dubai and DMCC are less than 8-hours flight-time from 4.9 billion people in Europe, Central Asia and Russia, India, Africa, China and the Far East. Those 4.9 billion people represent $50 trillion – or 65% - of global GDP, a share that increases every day.


DMCC is the authority on trade, enterprise and commodities in Dubai, home to the leading businesses of today, and tomorrow.

We are a government entity established in 2002 to enhance commodity trade flows through Dubai. We do that by regulating, promoting and facilitating trade across a range of commodities including gold, diamonds, pearls and tea.

We are constantly innovating and evolving to ensure we provide precisely what the global commodities trade needs today and far into the future. More than 12,000 major multinational companies, SMEs and start-ups have made DMCC Free Zone their home, just one reason why The Financial Times FDI Magazine named us the best Free Zone in the world for 2015.

DMCC is at the forefront of providing rewarding career opportunities for Emirati nationals with our highly-prized Almas graduate training programme. The six-month programme introduces graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree to every aspect of business life at DMCC, and provides in-depth on- the-job education and training.

Our world class infrastructure includes the Almas precious metals vault, one of the most secure in the world, the Dubai Diamond Exchange, the Almas Conference Centre, The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, and the Tradeflow trade finance platform.

And we are connected. Every aspect of our Free Zone is online and communicates seamlessly with our member base, the Dubai government and the rest of the world. We can confidently say at DMCC that you canset up a companywith us from anywhere in the world, on any device at any time.

DMCC is Made for Trade.