A message from Clint Mark Khan

Author Clint Mark Khan, Director, Y-Axis Middle East DMCC,Winner of the First Cycle of the Members Ideas Platform
October 25 2017

It gives me great pleasure to be one of the first member companies, to author a member’s Free Zone newsletter. 

Y-Axis Middle East DMCC is owned by Y-Axis Solutions Private Limited, the fastest growing immigration company in the world. Established in 1999, it has a strength of a 1000+ employees and a growing network of over 35 Offices globally. Thousands of professionals and their families have successfully migrated using our services. Our free valuable counselling has helped over 1 million customers around the world. Y-Axis established a footprint in Dubai and set up our UAE operations in DMCC Indigo Tower cluster D in May 2015.

In my opinion, the DMCC Idea Management Platform is progressive in its aim, fostering stronger and continued interaction amongst member companies. To be able to share my idea with DMCC and to receive support from other member companies is a testimony of the success of this platform and the open-mindedness of the management. My idea was about having a Relationship Manager for member companies to allow us to engage with a single point of contact for advice on how we can expand our business through having additional relevant activities. If this is implemented, then DMCC would have gone the extra mile in assisting customers.

I’d like to thank DMCC for the appreciation and award and look forward to more such changes initiated by the Idea Management Platform enhancing business opportunities in DMCC and thereby a growth in the Dubai economy.