Health and Safety Information Bulletin 05 - Fire Exits and Signage

September 25 2019

Signage play a vital role in providing information and enabling occupants to easily find exits during emergencies.

What are the requirements?

  • All exits and exit routes should be identifiable, visible and clearly marked with noticeable signs to enable people to find their way-out during fire emergencies
  • Every exit on every floor shall be clearly indicated by an exit sign placed over the exit door
  • Directional signs shall be placed such as to indicate the path and direction to exits
  • It is required that exits signs are illuminated, while the building has normal electrical power and the building is occupied
  • Photo luminescent emergency lighting should be provided to indicate path and direction upon loss of power
  • Exit signs, directional signs and evacuation plans should only be installed by UAE Civil Defence approved contractors under the supervision of an UAE Civil Defence approved consultant
  • Exit and directional signs should be inspected for damage, wear and tear and the operation of illumination sources checked every 30 days
  • Battery operated emergency illuminations sources shall be maintained according to the Chapter 6 of UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice
  • Signage materials, systems, assemblies, products and accessories should be installed and be of acceptable test standards and criteria

How should the signage look like?

  • Exit sign and directional exit sign mounting


  • Exits signs mounted at an intersection


  • Directional exit sign specfications


  • Exit signs specifications